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  • St Nicholas to Loke Road link

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    There's an OK cycleway alongside the Bawsey Drain from the Loke Road Junction but the link from the edge of the town centre 20mph zone isn't very good. The section between North Street and Loke Road involves negotiating your way across the multiple lanes of John Kennedy Road which is the northern approach to the town, or illegally using the narrow footway as many people do. This section is crying out for one of the three or four lanes to be given back to cycling and walking.

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  • South East King's Lynn Expansion (West Winch/North Runcton)

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    "The adopted Core Strategy designated South East King’s Lynn (this area) as one of the strategic ‘urban expansion’ areas around King’s Lynn. The independent planning inspector who examined the Core Strategy explicitly stated that, compared to the potential alternatives, the expansion areas identified (including South East King’s Lynn) were preferable to the alternatives in meeting the Borough’s need for substantial numbers of additional dwellings over the plan period. It is relatively unconstrained by flood risk and infrastructure problems, etc., and relatively easily accessed and serviced.

    5.2.4 Policy CS09 of the Core Strategy, ‘Housing Distribution’, provides for an allocation here of at least 1600 new homes, with supporting infrastructure. It also identifies this as establishing a direction for future growth beyond the plan period (i.e. beyond 2026). From the sites put forward during the consultation, informed by the work of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment in connection with the Neighbourhood Plan (see below) a total of 3,000 to 3,500 additional dwellings could be accommodated in the fullness of time. This is indicated diagrammatically in figure 7 of the Core Strategy.

    5.2.5 This is likely to be the largest residential development opportunity in the Borough for many years. It provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to form a thriving and vibrant new community immediately south of King’s Lynn. The intention is to integrate a large number of new homes and associated facilities with an existing village community, generate a range of major improvements in a range of areas, and shape a place that promotes a sense of community among its residents, existing and new." (From the Borough Council KLWN, "Preferred Options for a Detailed Policies and Sites Plan", October 2013)

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