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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Bike Users Group:

  • Lynn Town Centre Parking

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    We need more good cycle parking in the town centre, both resident and visitor parking. This may be achieved through planning applications or otherwise.

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  • Norfolk Policing Priorities

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Some cycling issues could be improved if the traffic laws were enforced. Do police give enough resources to traffic policing? Should we be asking for plain clothes police on bicycles with cameras? Should Norfolk have something like London's Operation Safeway?

    Or is that a bad idea? As one ex-policeman claimed on CTC forums "it's a darned sight easier for anybody to issue a tcket to a cyclist... than it is to do a proper check of a truck, including tachograph etc. This will "prove" that cyclists are the problem"

    Suggestions by Tonyf33 on those forums included the following policing-related suggestions:
    "Enforcing the law properly with regard to cyclist/motorist incidents in a way that should be a deterrant not a signal that it is okay to kill/maim people knowing you're more likely to get a slap on the wrist if at all.
    Ensuring that the CPS/Judges do their jobs properly/fairly & that Police do not ignore crimes committed against cyclists which they do at present.
    Making sure cyclists get dealt with regarding breaking the law fairly and in proportion to motorists
    STOP THE VICTIM BLAMING CULTURE, no 'advice' from police et al regarding hi-vis & helmets, focus on the real problems"

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  • London Road / Hospital Walk Junction Signals Upgrade

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Discovered that this junction is "due for upgrade in the 2014/15 financial year. The budget for the traffic signal upgrade programme is essentially aimed at a like for like replacement scheme with new equipment. However we try to accommodate low cost improvements that can be implemented at the same time. ... There is scope to implement an advanced cycle stop line on Hospital Walk, although there would not be sufficient carriageway width for a lead in lane."

    This is one possible way to improve westbound connectivity from the Walks and Chase through Millfleet to the town centre and southbound Route 1. The increased distance (compared to Broad Walk) is offset by light traffic, a 20mph zone and a potentially easier crossing - but at the moment, the lights make bikes exiting Hospital Walk wait a long time and then it lets hardly any out before turning red again.

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  • A47 Alliance / Upgrade

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    There is a group of councils and others (including the RAC) calling itself A47 Alliance with a website at calling for a road upgrade.

    The A47 is a significant barrier to cycling in many places, such as the single-carriageway stretch from Tilney All Saints near King's Lynn to Swaffham that blocks several desired east-west cycle routes - it is narrow with much heavy HGV traffic, so it's a challenge to cross and feels no fun for most people to ride along. It is possible that any upgrades could be "cycle-proofed" (to use current jargon) to unblock these routes.

    KLWNBUG has asked if CycleNation and CTC groups can be be invited to join the alliance.

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  • Access to Minster Quarter (Townscape Heritage Initiative)

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    There was a Heritage Lottery Fund stage 1 project hoping to progress to stage 2 and work for 5 years from June 2014 to regenerate the "old town" around the Saturday Market Place. The initial draft contains no cycle measures but does mention cycle access policy, so may be persuaded to reinstate lost public cycle parking in places like opposite the old Post Office and might even be a way to fill in the missing link in National Cycle Network Route 1. The consultation papers are online at and open until 16 December.

    The key cycling problem in this area is the difficulty of accessing Saturday Market Place without passing through the poor junction at its east end and the lack of signs telling cyclists to use Priory Lane to reach SMP.

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  • Ashwicken School Rebuild

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    This is Norfolk county matters application due to be heard in a meeting starting Fri 6 Dec 2013 10am at County Hall, Norwich. 7 cycle parking spaces were proposed. I objected for KLWNBUG on the grounds that 26 should be provided. Norfolk County Council Highways suggested 14 spaces and a Standard Highway Condition (27 I think) which would leave it to the Borough Council to enforce, who don't have a great track record on that in my experience. The Borough Green Infrastructure Officer didn't comment on cycle parking. Norfolk Police seem OK with the final revision. NCC planning officer suggested that if the 14 are used then it could be expanded without further application and confirmed that as a county development, there's no scope for section 106 funds for building cycle tracks to neighbouring villages.

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  • Fenland Cycling Program with Public Health

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    [Moved from another unrelated issue]

    Michael Cahn writes:

    "During the meeting with Public Health earlier this month, there was interest from officials when we raised the idea of a bike program in their Fenland focus area. I have now received a list of postcodes (PE13, PE15, PE16, PE7) and intend to see if we happen to have any members there, who could become the natural seed pod for a bicycle intervention program in their area, or advise on specific opportunities there."

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